Light is breaking through

I saw the painting high on a back wall of a thrift store. Immediately drawn to it, I bought it for next to nothing, planning to hang it in the study where I write.

It’s a seascape, but an unusual one – and I could tell my husband did not see the appeal. “When you look at that picture, what does it say to you?” he asked.

I could understand the question. A sky of brick-red clouds hangs over foam-capped ochre waves that crash against mahogany rocks. To him, the scene may have seemed dangerous, tumultuous, bleak.

I can’t recall what I answered then. But today, looking across my study at that painting, I’m still drawn to it. And now, I can put into words what it tells me.

Breakthrough seascape

In that place where everything looks brown, murky and decidedly unsettled, there’s movement. There’s life. And the light is breaking through.

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