The Esther Blessing

Grace to Reign in Life:

The Esther BlessingGod has created all his people to reign with him. Yet few of us live in a way we would describe as reigning. God has created his grace to flow freely, yet few of us live in that flow.

As you look at the Esther story in a whole new light, see real royalty. Be real royalty. Receive the Esther Blessing – grace to reign in life. (E-book: $5.99)

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Be real royalty

Does reigning seem to you like something reserved for people who have fame, money and power – people who always get the royal treatment? Does reigning sound like something Christians will do in eternity, but should not aspire to in the here and now?

Does grace sound nice, but churchy and vague? Do you know what would change in your world, your family, your life, if grace were flowing superabundantly? Would you like to find out?

You may wonder what grace has to do with reigning. Man or woman, you may find it hard to see how an ancient queen with a fairy-tale story could possibly relate to your life. Prepare to be very surprised and very blessed.

In The Esther Blessing, you’ll see the Esther story in a stunning new light. You’ll learn to recognize where and how grace is flowing – and what to do when it’s not. You’ll see two kinds of royalty – and the vast difference between them. You’ll find out what reigning in life is not, as you come face to face with the incredible destruction of the narcissist counterfeit. You’ll see what it looks like when people propelled by grace truly reign in life.

But don’t stop with seeing. Receive The Esther Blessing: Grace to Reign in Life.

The Esther Blessing
“The pages of this book flow with grace”

A review of The Esther Blessing by Grace Aideloje, of Pen Parables International:

In my Women Fellowship, our focus Bible books for the 2014 Mother’s Day Celebrations were Ruth and Esther. We were to look out for how ordinary women were used by God to drive His will.

I was excited therefore, when I saw The Esther Blessing on the Faith Writers’ Free Reads for a Review.

It was captivating right from the beginning with a God arranged incidence that led to an unusual revelation of Romans 5:20.

The message is simple: reigning in life is not about achieving our self-centered desires; it is all about positively influencing our world by pursuing daily, God’s purpose for our lives.

The author is calling us to live sacrificially, just like Our Father and His son did; just like Mordecai and his ‘daughter,’ Esther did, in order to release life to others and set captives free.

Easy to read, enjoyable, even humorous, the book is deep, insightful and flows with the grace that we all need to stand up for God and His will in a world that’s being overwhelmed by evil.

Deborah Brunt has made a bold call, in this end time, to stand against narcissism and not bow down to its seduction by compromising. We have to, like Mordecai; stand against what is wrong not caring whose oars is gored. That is why we are here for such a time as this when the antichrist is seductively entrenching his system in every facet of life.

She is pointing us to the only thing God has given us to reign ultimately and eternally – GRACE.

“Superabundant, more-than-we-can-ask-or-imagine grace is continually flowing. The Father is initiating it. The Son is releasing it. The Spirit is conveying it. And yet most people – even many believers – are missing it, or only occasionally tapping into it. They’re not living in the flow.”

She believes that for every child of God to receive this blessing, we must rise up, as Esther and Mordecai did, to embrace grace.

“Beware of trying to exhale without inhaling. You cannot conduct what you haven’t received. If you’re obsessed with doing, doing, doing… if you feel exhausted and resentful because you seem to be carrying all the load – these are evidences that you’re not conducting grace! You’re trying to complete by self-effort what was begun by God! You desperately need to stop everything and slowly, deeply inhale.”

Wow! This is a book to read over and over again. Its pages flow with grace and you will be wonderfully enriched.

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