We Confess!

The Civil War, the South, and the Church:

We Confess! The Civil War, the South, and the Church

We can’t undo the past. But we can repeat the past. Indeed, we do repeat it – until we take the hard look back and make the courageous changes needed to redeem the past. Read We Confess! The Civil War, the South, and the Church. Be a redeemer, not a reenactor. (E-book: $7.99. Softcover and hardcover: See prices on amazon.com.)

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Be a redeemer (not a reenactor)

Does the past intrigue you? Frighten you? Seem irrelevant to you?

Does The Civil War, the South, and the Church seem a subject too hot to handle? Too distant to matter? Do you wonder what it could possibly have to do with you?

Does the idea of “confessing” sound most frightening of all?

A host of inner voices may tell you to avoid this book, or to see it as applying to someone else.

Listen, instead, to the voice that calls you to read with an open heart, and then to say what you see – because the truth does indeed set us free. 

A terrible weight rolled away

When the truth about yourself, your family or your culture isn’t pretty or comfortable, it’s normal not to want to see it. Fear, pride and shame urge you, “No! Don’t look!”

And yet, as you do see – and grieve, confess, repent, forgive – a terrible weight rolls away. You experience new freedom and life. You open the way to healing, reconciliation and honor. You bring glory and deep delight to God.

Ah, but if you try to hide from whatever is hard to face, the opposite happens from what you so desperately want. You’re not protected from the shame. Instead, you’re bound to it. You’re blinded by it. You keep re-enacting it. And so does the generation after you, and the next, and the next – until someone chooses to see.

Facing up, setting right

More than 150 years after the American Civil War, We Confess! shows readers how the unresolved past still fetters our nation, our churches, our families and our hearts.

Biblically anchored, historically accurate and deeply challenging, We Confess!

  • Calls the white US church culture rooted in the Bible Belt to see what we haven’t wanted to see – ways we’ve deeply hurt whole groups of people, sabotaged ourselves and misrepresented Christ.
  • Urges all who call Jesus Lord to recognize when we’re pursuing a false identity and excusing a divided heart.
  • Outlines God-honoring first steps toward wholeness, blessing and reconciliation: as we face up to the root causes of our current issues and begin to set them right.
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