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    I have two Great-Great Grandfathers who fought at Gettysburg on the Union Side. John Franklin Brunton and John T Williams (I believe?). They were both wounded one John T. Williams was wounded in the head by shrapnel that went between his eyes into his sinus cavity. He lived with an open wound in his forehead for the rest of his life. He only had a piece of gauze to cover it and when he smoked his pipe the smoke would come out of it and scare the kids. I have talked about my grandfathers and Southerners who have I have talked to have made me feel like a criminal for lack of a better term. You are right to say that Southerners have not owned up to this history. Southern soldiers should be honored because they went through the 1st modern war with all of the technological advances of that time. They did suffer tremendously but, they were still on the wrong side of an argument – namely the ownership of people. That’s why we are still here talking about this 150 years later. Thank you for writing your book. I should read it because we need more of these.

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