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  1. SylGunter
    SylGunter at | | Reply

    Way to go, dear sister!!!




    1. keytruthsblogger
      keytruthsblogger at | | Reply

      Thank you, Sylvia!

    2. Debbie Hughett
      Debbie Hughett at | | Reply

      So how will we know when the book is out?
      And what about those of us who don’t have an e reader?

      1. keytruthsblogger
        keytruthsblogger at | | Reply

        Thank you for asking, Debbie. When The Elijah Blessing is released, I’ll announce it on this blog, as well as the website and in my e-column (available free through Also, ASAP, I’ll post a heads-up as to tentative release date, so you’ll know about when to look for the e-book to be out.

        People who don’t have an e-reader can definitely read The Elijah Blessing. I’ll have a PDF version available for purchase through If you can open PDF files, you’ll be able to download and read that version. Also FYI: If you want to be able to read e-books in other formats without buying an e-reader, check out free e-reader software for computers and e-reader apps for tablets and smart phones.

      2. keytruthsblogger
        keytruthsblogger at | | Reply

        Debbie, as of today, the PDF version of The Elijah Blessing is available through the store!

  2. Linda Dissmore
    Linda Dissmore at | | Reply

    Wow, Deborah! This is exciting! Will be anxious to get the ebook.

  3. Connie
    Connie at | | Reply

    My God… Only He would know the needs of so many, and speak to us with such clarity, hope and compassion. Only He would know to place these words in the hands of such a faithful servant. I rejoice with you, Deborah, and have come to drink deeply from the Living Water…

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