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  1. Grace
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    Humbled by the reference, Deborah.

    True, true! The narrow way, the walk in the valley of the shadow of death, suffering, dying to self—these are the parts of the Gospel few seem to highlight. (Gee, I wonder, why not?)

    But in them are an opportunity to meet God the living and true and quite literal Savior, to put yourself in a position to see and know the things from God that are undeniably not-from-man. Like Jacob who wrestled, whose name thereafter changed to One-who-Prevails-with-God (Israel), it is an opportunity to know God as your own God, to know that you truly have a relationship with God himself.

    In a big way, is that not what life is really all about?

  2. keytruthsblogger
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    Hi, Grace. Thank you so much for your additional thoughts! One thing I love about your statement that I quoted – and about the outlook of your blog posts in general – is your honesty in embracing the “both/and” of the narrow path. Many Christians want to emphasize only the blessings. Other Christians focus solely on the hardships. Yet to embrace both in the context of truly, personally knowing God is to embrace life. It’s also to invite great surprise and wonder, because there’s something substantively different about both the difficulty and the exhilaration when we’re seeking to walk as one with our Lord. Substantively different – and almost indescribable. So here we are, learning to experience the indescribable, and groping for words to describe it.

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