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  1. SylGunter
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    This was painful to read, knowing the pain you went through. Have you elicited from some people the response “Thank you for understanding what happened to me”? I just got an email from a missionary who has been brutalized and kicked to the curb by divisions and infighting in her organization. It is altogether too current a topic. As Paul said, “You bite and devour each other.”



    1. keytruthsblogger
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      Sylvia, thank you for understanding what happened to me. In answer to your question, yes, I’ve been able to tell a few other people the same thing. That too has been an integral part of my healing. Thank you for bringing this important aspect of the healing process to light. Thanks also for noting how relevant this topic is. I suspect that’s why God is leading me to speak out about my experience.

  2. Julia
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    Thank you for your article. It touched me deeply as I have been experiencing a very subtle insidious type of bullying for years which has caused me a great deal of emotional distress. In my case, it happens even when I change churches. I have stopped going to church but continue to study the Bible on my own. I don’t understand why this is happening. I have tried confronting individuals in the past, which only led to denial or smirky faces. I need some specific advice as to what I can do. Is there anything I can do besides pray?

    1. keytruthsblogger
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      Julia, thank you for speaking up. I’m very sad that you too have experienced this type pain. I’m still learning why this happens so often, especially to women in the church. May I suggest two resources as a starting point for looking for help? One is an article on “Overcoming the Victim Spirit,” by Arthur Burk. The second is my ebook, What About Women? A Spirit-to-spirit Exposé. I believe there’s a mindset in our church culture that, unwittingly, denies women adulthood and even personhood. I believe that’s the root of much of the bullying. Would you let me know if either of these resources helps?

  3. Allison
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    Thank you for sharing your experiences and your knowledge. I am currently going through something similar, and one of the hardest parts is that the bully is someone that I considered my friend. Being ostracized, humiliated, and ridiculed has been the hardest thing I have endured, and I am a very strong person.

    I continue to pray for those who participate in the bullying, and I pray for a Christ-like work environment where everyone is working together to make the community a better place.

    Please keep me in your prayers, and please know that your braveness in sharing your story is helping.

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