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  1. Laura Savage-Rains
    Laura Savage-Rains at | | Reply

    Hey, Deborah! Congrats on the documentary! Can’t wait to see it! That should be a piece of cake after your other “never woulda thoughts” . . . Romania was an adventure, wasn’t it? I’m proud to call you “friend.” 🙂

    1. keytruthsblogger
      keytruthsblogger at | | Reply

      Thanks, Laura! You’ve blessed my life.

  2. Patricia Bradley
    Patricia Bradley at | | Reply

    I am so excited for you!!

  3. Brenda Rogers
    Brenda Rogers at | | Reply

    Deborah from the moment you ever hugged me I knew God’s touch was within you. I am so honored to see God moving in every turn you make. I miss you very much but try to keep up with you as much as possible. Lets get together soon! Love you lady! Now to dance with our God!!!!

  4. Miller Bargeron
    Miller Bargeron at | | Reply

    Wow Deborah! God has allowed you to do some amazing things, and I am excited to be a part of this unique opportunity to participate in the ministry of reconciliation. We Confess is a great book and a much needed clarion call to the Body of Christ.

    1. keytruthsblogger
      keytruthsblogger at | | Reply

      Thank you, Miller! I’m honored and excited to work with you to send out the message of We Confess through the medium of film.

  5. Linda Dissmore
    Linda Dissmore at | | Reply

    Deborah, I’m just now getting back to this blog–sorry for the late reply. I’m so excited about the documentary you are going to help produce on We Confess! It is much needed! I can’t relate to that but I do remember flying with my Dad when I was small in a small plane he piloted, didn’t preach in Red Square, but I have been there, also enjoyed a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee but we took the trip at night which was very inspiring, and I’ve spoken in Romania but not in a night club! It’s been a while since we’ve had a good visit. Would love to see you again! Linda

    1. keytruthsblogger
      keytruthsblogger at | | Reply

      Thank you, Linda. How fun that we’ve had so many similar adventures!

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