Treasure hunting

Sometimes God hides jewels for us in unlikely places. Then, he gives us a clue.

The clue may be anything. It may look, sound, smell, or taste any number of ways. It may be blatant – like a bush that burns but doesn’t burn up. It may be subtle – like a song segment sandwiched among a pre-movie mishmash of ads, celebrity trivia, reminders to turn off your cell phone and warnings not even to think about recording any part of the show.

Yet as varied and creative as God’s clues may be, they all have one thing in common: They hit us Spirit-to-spirit. They touch us in the deepest part of our being – and, usually, come as a gentle nudge. In our loud, hurried world, it’s incredibly easy to miss those nudges – and incredibly important that we don’t.

Movie night last weekend, I caught a whiff of a song – heard the essence of its melody and a tantalizing hint of its lyrics:

What am I to do? I’ve broken my parachute
So if gravity happens, then I’ll fasten wings to my shoes

Then, the pre-movie mishmash continued, followed by the movie itself and the rest of the weekend’s activities. Yet on Monday, I still heard those two lines replaying in my mind. I still felt the nudge they provoked in my spirit. So, I went on a treasure hunt – and found “Gravity Happens,” by Kate Voegele.

I’ve downloaded the song. Every time I play it, it touches something deep in my spirit. What a gift from my Father!

Today, our Father in heaven wants to remind you: He has jewels for you too. If you long to recognize his Spirit-to-spirit nudges, you will. But remember, his nudges usually don’t bring you the treasure. Rather, they lead you to it. To claim your jewels, you have to push aside everything else clamoring for your attention and move toward whatever God has used to trigger a chord in your innermost being.

Your Father has reasons for requiring that you seek the jewels he’s prepared for you. He knows a treasure sought is a treasure treasured. Please do not miss out on the astounding gifts he wants to give you, because you think you’re too busy to pay attention to his inner nudge.

To treasure hunt now, click the link and see whether “Gravity Happens” is a jewel from God for you too.

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