Stop to Breathe

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Do yourself a favor. Stop to breathe.

Before reading past this paragraph, take three slow, deep breaths. Notice the sensation in your body each time you inhale, then exhale. Notice what happens in your inner being as you pause to take those breaths. Now … breathe.

Busy leader, did something within you resist stopping to breathe? Even if you did it, did something in you fight against it? Did something insist, “I don’t have time”?

In our culture – and in our church culture – we value busyness. We don’t value rest. Yet what are we doing to ourselves – and what are we saying about God – when we who know the Lord do not delight in rest? Read the entire article, “Stop to Breathe,” on Christianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership blog.Return to Your Rest

Watch for Deborah’s book, Return to Your Rest, coming soon!

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