Spirit meets spirit

A Spirit-to-spirit Journey – #4.

The devil and his minions will try to get you going and coming. If you seek the Holy Spirit, the enemy will tempt you to do it from selfish ends – and, thus, to connect instead with unholy spirits. Ah, but if you choose the seemingly “safer” alternative – if you run from everything in the spirit realm in order to avoid the counterfeit – you’ll run blindly into the arms of the very spirits you’re seeking to avoid. Indeed, such naiveté and denial will make you particularly susceptible to the enemy’s wiles.

Further, to try to become “spiritual” apart from communing, Spirit-to-spirit, with the Spirit of God is to ensure your own defeat. By the very way you seek God, you rob yourself of knowing him. “For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24 NLT).

Spirit meets spirit

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By the Spirit, you know your Lord and his ways. By the Spirit, your eyes are opened to the Word. By the Spirit, you experience life, healing, deliverance and fullness of days. You grow in wisdom and in discerning of spirits. You gain strength to refuse temptation and authority to stand against all the devil’s schemes. You grow strong in spirit, becoming more and more the person your Lord designed you to be. By the Spirit, you come to Jesus – and he gives you rest.

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion?”

Embrace the Lord, who is the Spirit, and all he chooses to show you of the spirit realm. As you keep company with him, he will teach you how to take a real rest, even when it seems impossible. As you walk and work with him, you will begin to echo the unforced rhythms of grace. Watching what your eyes can’t see, hearing what your ears can’t hear, you will learn to live freely and lightly.

Spirit-to-spirit, you’ll recover your life.

Adapted from Return to Your Rest: A Spirit-to-spirit Journey, by Deborah P. Brunt. E-book to be released in 2014. © 2013 Deborah P. Brunt. All rights reserved.

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