Special note to you who follow KeyTruths

First, thank you to all of you who receive KeyTruths blog posts by email. I pray these posts will bless you with insight, affirmation, courage and good hope.

Also, I want to alert you to a change. After today, when you receive a KeyTruths post, you’ll receive part of the post, with a link to click over and read the rest.

The reason for the change? Videos. I enjoy including pertinent music videos in some of my posts. Sometimes the video pretty much is the post. Other times, it supplements something I’ve written. To my dismay I’m finding: The embedded videos may or may not show up in the emailed blog posts. When absent, there’s no link, no indicator at all that you’re missing an important part of the message.

Most recently, there was a video in the post, “Sort of like frog gigging.” It’s the song, “Rest,” by Matthew West. I love it and want you to hear it. I’ve embedded other videos in pieces that will be published in upcoming weeks.

So, thank you again for inviting KeyTruths into your inbox. After today, one extra click will get you all of every post.

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