Return to your rest

In the most brutal and exhausting seasons of my life, I’ve learned: Jesus meant it when he said, “Come to me … and I will give you rest.”

From personal experience, I can testify:

No matter how completely God’s rest seems to have disappeared from your life, he still holds it out, and he makes the way for you to return.

Restful road

Today, I’m in awe. Since my declaration on May 1, “I choose light,” the Lord has made a way where there was none for me to finish the e-book manuscript that has refused to be finished for two-plus years.

It’s a triple joy. For the finishing signals new victory in resting, even as I continue to learn. And now, God willing, the book being birthed can help others who know they desperately need rest, but can’t for the life of them find it.

Return to Your RestReturn to Your Rest: A Spirit-to-spirit Journey

Sounds so simple. Seems utterly impossible. So how does it look to come to Jesus … and find rest?

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