Return to Your Rest

A Spirit-to-spirit Journey:

Return to Your RestIf weariness and heavy loads seem to characterize much of your life, Jesus is delivering a personal invitation with your name inscribed on it: “Come to me … and I will give you rest.” Sounds so simple. Seems utterly impossible. So how does it look to come to Jesus … and find rest? (E-book: $5.99)

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Be restored

If we had to identify the 10 least believed verses in Scripture – least believed, that is, by Bible-believing American Christians – Matthew 11:28 would be one of them.

We read Jesus’ invitation. We know we desperately need the rest he’s offering. Leaning into his words, we savor them. We long to believe them. We may even try to live them.

But for all our longing and trying, most of us have not experienced what Jesus invites us to experience. We’ve found his words sweet and lovely, but impractical and frustrating. Because we’ve been unable to live them, deep down we do not believe they are true.

So was Jesus naïve? Is his promise a lie? Did it work in another time and place, but not in ours? Or have we got some things backwards?

Dear weary one, explore what it looks like to come to Jesus and receive rest. See stunning portraits of rest, as you examine the lives of four women and four men who knew Christ while he walked this earth. Embark on your own Spirit-to-spirit journey into the impossible. Return to Your Rest.

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