Our time and season to fight back

Prayer of Graham Cooke

Father, thank you that this is our time and season to fight back – to war against a religious spirit that has bound up your people in legalism, judgment, and an earthly logic that prevents discovery of the realm of Your Spirit.

Thank you that we can war against a religious system that teaches rules, performance and duty but does not allow us to have ongoing encounters with the Living God.

Thank you that we have a joyful, legal right, because of Christ’s sacrifice, to wage war on the enemy wherever we may find him. Thank you for favor and vengeance combined. That, in our freedom in Christ, you not only deliver us from being victims but you give us a ministry in the very areas where we have been robbed and ashamed.

Everyone that we in turn set free is a sign of our payback on the enemy. To destroy the works of the devil is the evidence of Your power at work. I pray that You would give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. That you would cause our eyes to be opened into enlightenment of the glory of Heaven here on earth. On earth as it is in heaven – no more, no less.

Be our tutor, lead us into a revelatory experience of the power of the Christ-life within. In His name and for His glory. Amen.

Graham Cooke, “Invocation,” Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior (Vacaville, CA: Brilliant Book House, 2008), 7.

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