My gifts to you

Key Truths logoWhew! I just reorganized the Key Truths e-column archive page. Now it’s easier for you to see what’s available for you to read online for free. Previously, I had placed the article titles, descriptions and links in one long list. Now you’ll see a separate list for each article series. Currently, these include:

  • Blessing series. “Pursuing an Undivided Heart” and “Validation Blessing.”
  • Experiencing God series. Experiencing God does not look as we had thought. Seeking him and pressing in to what he reveals will always take us where we never dreamed.
  • Return to Your Rest series. If weariness and heavy loads seem to characterize much of your life, Jesus holds out a personal invitation with your name inscribed on it: “Come to me . . . and I will give you rest.”
  • Seven Mountain Rendezvous series. Seven times, Moses climbed Mt. Sinai to meet with God. Rendezvous by rendezvous, you’ll see: No experience of God’s glory looks or feels as you thought it would. He reveals himself differently every time.
  • True Confessions series. Snippets from my personal journey with God.
  • We Confess! series. Repeatedly, we’ve tried to address the corporate sins of the nation without first addressing the corporate sins of the church. Now, God is showing us what we haven’t wanted to see, so we can become who we are.
  • What About Women? series. Has a failure to understand the new covenant’s impact denied a whole gender, for centuries, the full redemption God intended?
  • Other Key Truths e-columns. Exposing what’s religious; embracing what’s GOD.
  • Perspective Classic e-columns. Find yourself in the picture; find God there.

I hope youll visit the Key Truths e-column archives often. Every article is a gift from me, given with the prayer that it will bless you in specific, powerful and unexpected ways.

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