Miracle book: The Elijah Blessing

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It’s a miracle. Truly, The Elijah Blessing: An Undivided Heart is a miracle book. I started drafting the first chapter July 23. I finished editing the last chapter August 23. Same year.

Other people may write manuscripts of 40,000-plus words in a month. I don’t.

Until now.

God gave me an impossible task, a delightful task, and he went before me to make the way.

He showed up one night in June, long after I’d gone to sleep. He kept me awake for hours, pouring a tumble of assignments into my lap. I’ve had my share of sleepless nights when thoughts of all that needed to be done kept swirling in my head. This night was entirely different.  Not oppressive, but freeing. Not frantic, but fun. God nudged me awake to say, “I have a surprise for you. Come see.”

I went. He showed me a storehouse. It was my storehouse. In it lay treasures he himself has given me – pearls of wisdom, diamonds of startling clarity, sapphires, opals and rubies; and precious gems I don’t even know by name. For decades, the Lord has entrusted me with treasures. Now, he said, “It’s time.”

“Time for what?” I asked.

He reminded me of the words Jesus spoke in a seemingly random moment in Matthew 13:52:

Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure things new and old.

When Matthew recorded Jesus’ comment, he added no helpful explanation, no further details. But suddenly, I knew: It’s time to revisit treasures God has entrusted to me, to pick up the ones the Spirit says, to re-cut and polish, regroup and reset. It’s time to offer gems from my storehouse to others who are crying out for wisdom and seeking after God.

Wending his way through the storehouse, the Lord showed me certain jewels to pick up first. Without press or hurry, he began to reveal a timeline I would never have believed I could make.

It was a moment rather like Elijah experienced when he stood on Mt. Horeb and heard God’s still small voice.

Elijah arrived at Horeb, running from a desperate situation, desperate to meet with God. Right before that, Elijah had totally spent himself, tackling the major assignment of his life. When he should have been rejoicing, Jezebel  unleashed her wrath to try to take him out.

At Horeb, before God, Elijah blurted out the stuff that weighed so heavily on him. When he stopped ranting, God didn’t comfort in the way we might expect. He assured Elijah he wasn’t alone – and he poured a tumble of assignments into Elijah’s lap.

How grateful I am to find:  The Lord is blessing me as he blessed Elijah.

  • At Horeb, Elijah said, “This is just hopeless!” In answer, God showed him, “You have a future, and so does the land.” One dark night in June, the Lord poured a future into my lap.
  • Elijah walked in miracles. Now, I’m polishing a miracle manuscript.
  • Elijah lived victoriously where Ahab and Jezebel ruled. I’m learning. Still learning. So much. So very much.

There’s more. Treasures galore! Ah, but it will take an e-book just to show you the ones gleaned from Elijah’s life.

The Elijah BlessingThe Elijah Blessing: An Undivided Heart, by Deborah Brunt

In a land where people’s hearts were divided and Ahab and Jezebel ruled, Elijah loved fiercely and lived fully. He walked in the blessing of an undivided heart. Beloved of the Lord, the priceless Elijah Blessing is yours for the taking.

7 thoughts on “Miracle book: The Elijah Blessing

    1. Debbie Hughett says:

      So how will we know when the book is out?
      And what about those of us who don’t have an e reader?

      1. Thank you for asking, Debbie. When The Elijah Blessing is released, I’ll announce it on this blog, as well as the keytruths.com website and in my e-column (available free through keytruths.com). Also, ASAP, I’ll post a heads-up as to tentative release date, so you’ll know about when to look for the e-book to be out.

        People who don’t have an e-reader can definitely read The Elijah Blessing. I’ll have a PDF version available for purchase through keytruths.com. If you can open PDF files, you’ll be able to download and read that version. Also FYI: If you want to be able to read e-books in other formats without buying an e-reader, check out free e-reader software for computers and e-reader apps for tablets and smart phones.

  1. Connie says:

    My God… Only He would know the needs of so many, and speak to us with such clarity, hope and compassion. Only He would know to place these words in the hands of such a faithful servant. I rejoice with you, Deborah, and have come to drink deeply from the Living Water…

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