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  1. Miller Bargeron
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  2. Nancy Stroble
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    Hi Deborah, Long time, no see. I found this post very interesting. I look forward to learning more about your struggles. I can identify with comments in this post. I’m still trying to get my relationship with God right. It is not as easy to accomplish as I was led to believe growing up in small town SC. I’ve finally decided that love and forgiveness are key to leading a Godly life, which is not as easy as it sounds. Take care of yourself!! Love you, Nancy

  3. Brenda Dillard Rogers
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    Can not express what a big weight has just lifted off my heart reading this Deborah. I too have been Stuck and have spent last few years back and forth, pushing to get unstuck, then the pain became to much and got stuck again, over and over. Church yesterday was wonderful message and worship. I later realized that I have been standing in breaking chains off those I love and that now I am singing for myself! God is breaking those chains right now in me and although it’s a hard reality I will praise him all the way through it. I am Free YES Free indeed, Lord let your light shine through me….I have know who I belonged too, but I realize who I am NOW through Christ.

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