the Elijah blessing

Love fiercely. Live fully.
Don't be taken out by the two-headed snake.

The Elijah Blessing
An Undivided Heart

The Elijah Blessing


The Elijah Blessing description

If you want to know Christ, to love him and to serve him with an undivided heart, The Elijah Blessing offers riches from the Lord for you. 

Elijah lived among a people who had tried for generations to go both ways. In covenant with the Lord, they also pursued false gods. They deceived themselves that they could continue in double-mindedness indefinitely, without consequence. In that atmosphere, Ahab and Jezebel took the throne. The two worshiped what God hated and set out to destroy those who worshiped God.

There, in the place where Ahab and Jezebel ruled, Elijah lived before God with an undivided heart.

Immerse yourself in true stories from the past that dramatically reveal the present:

  • Watch King Solomon's tragic journey to a divided heart.
  • See - really see - Ahab and Jezebel, the two-headed snake.
  • Marvel at Elijah's bold words, fervent prayers and fiery miracles.

You don't have to become a superhero to receive the blessing in which Elijah walked. In fact, only humans can apply. As you peek into lives lived long ago, see your own in a vivid new light. Receive the Elijah Blessing  - the blessing of an undivided heart.

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The Elijah Blessing
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If you want to know Christ, to love him and to serve him with an undivided heart ... I have a word from the Lord for you:

You're not alone, my beloved. Others are out there, seeking to know me intimately and to follow me fully. You may have trouble finding them. You may be slow to recognize them. They may not look like you have thought. On days when you feel desperately alone, know that you are not. But even if you were, do not quit this pursuit. One undivided heart matters more than you can dream.

1 - Spirit and Power
May your Lord impart the same spirit and power to you that he imparted to Elijah. May Holy Spirit make connections you can't for the life of you explain. May your Father reveal a kinship with the prophet that does not hinge on the emotion of the moment and is not hindered by massive differences between your life and his. May every point of connection draw you inexorably to the place of blessing in which Elijah stood, the place from which everything else in his life flowed. You who long for an undivided heart, I exhort you to receive it.

2 - Before the Face of God
Beloved of the Lord, be blessed to stand before his face. There is an intensity, a clarity, a degree to which we'll be able to see him in eternity that we cannot know now. Yet Elijah stood before the face of God in this world. He did so even before the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the sending of the indwelling Spirit. Don't you be content to wait till heaven to see your Lord face to face.

3 - Journey to a Divided Heart
I bless you with learning from a king who did not. I bless you with recognizing any unbridled love or allegiance that is growing in your heart - even a passion that's culturally acceptable, even a passion that started out as a call.

4 - Religion vs. God
God's people can be drawn into false worship. And the same mutinous angels that fell with Satan from heaven still seek to dethrone God in our hearts. The devil is not creative, but incredibly deceptive. He puts different names and faces on the same false spirits - and people continue to fall for the same old tricks.

5 - Exposing the Two-Headed Snake
The Jezebel spirit and the Ahab spirit always work in tandem. Cut them apart, and they'll grow back together. Assume Jezebel is working alone - and you're sunk.

6 - The Blessing: Love Fiercely
We don't typically associate Elijah with love, but we cannot separate the man from fire. Again and again, Elijah spoke fiery words. Twice, fire came from heaven and took out a troop sent to arrest him. Once, fire from the Lord swallowed an altar Elijah had just built. At the end of Elijah's life, a fiery chariot pulled by fiery horses picked him up and whirled him away.

What a perfect reminder: Love doesn't look a thing like we had thought. We wouldn't have stamped "love" across any of those occurrences, yet LOVE is exactly what's branded across them all: God's love for a man who stood before him with an undivided heart. The man's love for his incredible God. The love God had, and imparted to Elijah, for people who could not receive it, because they wouldn't let go of everything else they were trying to embrace. Be blessed to embrace the fire God sends - and find you are blazing with love.

7 - The Blessing: Live Fully
Many have prayed for the double portion blessing Elisha enjoyed. It's good to ask for big things in faith. But which is greater: to receive a double portion, or to give double what you actually have?

The living Lord, the resurrected One before whose face you stand, grant you a miracle legacy: to give away exponentially more than what you have. In the spirit and power of Elijah, be blessed to cultivate an undivided heart in those who walk with you and in the generations to come.

Excerpts from The Elijah Blessing: An Undivided Heart, by Deborah Brunt. © 2012 Deborah P. Brunt. All rights reserved.

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white-hot radiance


"Foolishly, we've thought of blessings
as sweet little things.
They're not.
The blessings of the Lord flow from the white-hot radiance of his glory.
They enlarge our human spirit,
setting it ablaze.
They enlarge our capacity
to know and honor him,
to become who we are in him
and, from that place
of identity and intimacy,
to join him in bringing his ever-increasing kingdom from heaven into the earth."

Deborah Brunt, We Confess! The Civil War, the South, and the Church


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The Elijah Blessing

The Elijah Blessing
An Undivided Heart 

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