Breath of God

Life and Breath Series – #7.

Physically, you can’t do anything else if you’re not breathing, and you can’t do much at all if you’re not breathing well.

Similarly, you have to breathe spiritually to experience every aspect of abundant life.

breathe deeply

Breathe deeply, beloved of the Lord

For you who prefer condensed (yet airy), my August e-column, “Breath of God,” conveys the essence of all six Life and Breath blog posts in one article, with links to all the rest.

Also, be blessed and refreshed by this “Breath of God” YouTube video posted by Irene Moreira, featuring the Vineyard Music rendition of “Breathe on me, breath of God,” from the album, Father.

Breathe deeply, beloved of the Lord.

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  1. Pamela Reagan says:

    Very refreshing video/music. And also….thanks for the links to all of the “Breath” blogs on one e-mail. I flagged and saved that one so I can read all of them straight through and be refreshed again. 🙂

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