About Deborah


God in his grace has called one who was double-minded, blind and bound:

To challenge the church to follow the Lord with an undivided heart which means, first, we have to see when our hearts are divided.

To clear the fog of self-deception, so we can see, come out, be free!

db-12-800x1200I’m Deborah, a white woman from the Deep South, a lover of God and seeker of truth.

An author and blogger, I’m learning to live where I would never have thought to visit before God began turning my very religious self inside-out and upside-down. I’m telling what I learn along the way.

Most of my life, I colored inside the lines drawn by my family, my culture and my church culture. Then, God began showing me how often our lines do not match his. That is, when we insist on staying inside our lines, we’re often coloring outside God’s. Conversely, to paint the picture God intends, we may well have to paint outside the lines our Christian culture has drawn.

Sadly, some Christians don’t want to know that. They don’t even want anyone to say it.

Other people – maybe you? – have been longing to hear it, and know deep within that it’s true.

I can tell you from experience: It’s humbling to see how much you haven’t seen. It’s grievous to learn ways you’ve missed and misrepresented the Lord. It’s frightening to face yourself, to press in to change, to go with God where you never dreamed you would go. It’s hard to overcome backlash from very unexpected places, backlash intended to bring you back to the status quo.

I can also testify: The hard news is exceptionally good news – because the lines we’ve drawn are straight-jackets. God sets you free. Free to journey in him, you become the you he created you to be.

Most of my life, I identified myself by my achievements. Then I discovered: Those don’t count with God. And even the best of them are things I’ve done, not who I am.

I reveal who I am any time I tell a bit of my story. That’s risky, because people can misunderstand. They can judge. They can superimpose their own stories onto mine when the two don’t match at all. They can read-in motives that are not there, and meanings I never meant. On occasion, I’ve taken that risk big-time, as I did in the post, “I choose light.”

But you don’t have to read my true confessions to know more about me. Writers reveal themselves in everything they write. Most of us don’t intend to do that. But we do it anyway. Our writings reveal our heart. So if you read any of my posts or books with your heart open, you should know mine a little better. More than that, I hope you know God a little better and see yourself more clearly through his eyes.

Ironically, I’m a private person. Yet I’ve spent my adulthood putting my life “out there” in my writing. I do that, first, because I believe God has called me to it, and my heart’s desire is to honor him.

Second, I write as a way to live out the Lord’s fierce love. I explore key truths for living life, even when it involves shining the light on things we Christians may not want to see, including those so-very-deceiving things that masquerade as godliness and deeply divide our hearts.

I write to connect with others who are seeking and traveling the path of life, so we can help each other along the way.

Whenever you read anything I’ve written, I bless you with finding a gem you needed to know or remember, an affirmation of what God has already spoken or a truth he wants you to see. I bless you with ears to hear him speak that truth to you in love and a heart to embrace what he says. I bless you with courage to go with him where Truth and Love take you. Be blessed to know him more intimately each step of the way.


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